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Absolute Treasure*Absolute Treasure
Orchid Rose self - 32”, Evr, 7” Re, Fr, EM Stamile 97
Very well named – a delight to behold - HM 2008
Display Only

Affair of the Heart*Affair of the Heart
-Houston 2003 - Light lavender pinched petals with large dark purple eye and edge 32”, Sev, 5.5”, Re
A very bold eye and rich lavender color
Sold Out 2009

Airborn AssaultAirborn Assault
UF crispate – Autumn blond with hint of light rose – 30”, Sev, 9”, ML,
Re, Joiner J 2003. Form is just beautiful and also consistent.
Price: $10.00

Alpine Amethyst*Alpine Amethyst
Lilac lavender with darker lavender halo above yellow green throat - 30" Sev 5.5" E,Re,Ext - Morss 2003 -
Price: $30.00

Alabama Jubilee*Alabama Jubilee
Orange with red halo – 30”, Dor, 7” Re – Webster 1988. I’ve grown
this daylily since 1994 and enjoy it every year. It may be registered Dor but it behaves like an evergreen. Blooms early enough
here for show – It remains one of my old favorites!
Sold Out 2009

Always Afternoon*Always Afternoon
SSM 97 – Mauve with purple eye – 22” Sev, E, Re, Ext, 5.5” –
Morss 1987 – I’ve grown and enjoyed this flower since 1995 and it will
be a keeper. The color is just about as pictured – you’ll like it.
Sold Out 2009

Amazing Gold+Amazing Gold
Light gold self - 29" Evr 6.5" - Johnson W 2005 - This beautiful gold double was a gift from a wonderful friend and it has a great garden presence plus besides giving many blooms to enjoy.
Sold Out

America The Beautiful*America The Beautiful
Rose pink with citron watermark - 25" Sev 7" E, Re - Stamile 2005 - I've had this plant for less than 2 years and it has increased enough to offer for sale. The soft pink color is beautiful.
Price: $60.00

Annick Verhaert*Annick Verhaert
Coral orange blend with paprika edge - 28" Sev 6" E, Re - Kinnebrew 2004 - The bold blend of colors and pleasing garden presence make this flower a standout in the garden.
Price: $34.00

Arrayed in Splendor*Arrayed in Splendor
Stippled rose pink with gold edge – 28”, Evr, EM, Re, 6”,
Bell 2002 . Color is as beautiful as the picture with good
substance. It does well In Tampa, as do many of Tim Bell’s –
a keeper.
Price: $15.00

Art Imperial*Art Imperial
Chinese red with yellow midribs and a bold edge – Kirchhoff 2000
Display Only

Awesome Blossom*Awesome Blossom
AM 1994 - Rose with plum eye – 24”, Evr, 5.5” Re, Evr, EM
Salter 1996 - This flower is very well named and definitely catches your eye in the garden.
Display Only


Barn OwlBarn Owl
Pink lavender petals with lavender blue watermark and blue violet band
above green throat – 24” Evr 4” Re, EM – Hansen 2002
This flower is indeed stunning especially with its dark green foliage.
Price: $20.00

Believe in Tomorrow*Believe in Tomorrow
Rose blend with darker rose band and gold edge above
yellow throat – 27”Evr 4.75” EM - Houston 1998
Price: $12.00

Belle Cook*Belle Cook
AM 08 - Pink self - 24" Evr 4.75" M - AM - Brooker 2001 - The lackluster AHS description doesn't do this flower justice. It has bloomed consistently and multiplied well in both gardens and it's performance has been rewarded by receiving an AM in 2008.
Price: $20.00

HM 03 - 24” Sev 3/5” EM - Salter HM 2003
Yellow with washed blue violet eye edged violet and green throat
Display Only

Beside Still Waters*Beside Still Waters
HM 08 - 34”, Evr, ML, Re, 6” – Bell 2005
Purple with slate blue eye. Lighter purple than pictured – high bud count, performs well in Tampa.
Price: $55.00

Betty Winkler*U-Betty Winkler
Red with cashmere edge above yellow green throat
24” Sev 7” Re E - Hansen D 2001 This plant has a great garden presentation and increases fast
Display Only

Bill Norris*Bill Norris
Brilliant sunny gold self – 29” Sev, Fr, M – Kirchhoff D 1993 - Despite the registration, it’s usually blooming for our show (always the first in the nation) and it is very happy in central FL. – Stout Silver Award winner 2002
Display Only

*Bit of Blue
Cream with multicolored eye above green throat - 26" Evr 4.25" EE, fra, Re - Stamile 2004 - I haven't grown this daylily long enought to have a good picture, but it has increased and bloomed well in Tampa and the lake garden. The eye is really stunning.
Price: $65.00

Blue Eyed Curls*U-Blue Eyed Curls
Medium purple bitone with blue violet eye above green throat
36” - Sev 9” Re, EM – Lambertson 2000 - Beautiful combination of colors – Performs well in Tampa
Price: $10.00

Blue Eyes Glance*Blue Eyes Glance
Lavender with blue eye defined by amythist pencil line - 34" Sev 6" M, Re - Lambertson 2000 - Rich lavender color with an exciting eye make this a garden standout. I have enjoyed it in Tampa for a number of years.
Price: Display Only

Blue FlirtBlue Flirt
HM 06 - 18" Sev 2.875 EM, Re - Stamile G 2001
Mauve with orchid lavender blue eye above green throat
Price: $12.00

Bread and Wine*Bread and Wine
Cream white with grape eye and double edge of grape and cream –
29” Evr, Re, 5.5" Bell 2005 - Likes Tampa – good increase - great substance.
Price: $40.00


Cajun Christmas*Cajun Christmas
Tangerine with large fire engine red eye and small edge above
green throat – 24” Sev 5.75” Re, EM - Abajiian 2002 A stunning eye!
Price: $20.00

Carolyn Mann*Carolyn Mann
Lavender pink with heavily ruffled gold edge above yellow green
throat. 32” Sev, EM, Re, 6.5” Kinnebrew – 2005.
Price: $60.00

Caribbean Purple Spires *Caribbean Purple Spires
HM 01 - Dark purple self - 29" Sev 5.75" M, Re - Talbott 1993
The color is richer and darker than shown on my picture. It opened too early and the flash was needed that morning. It has increased and bloomed well in Tampa and will be another one of Dave Talbott's intros I'll be keeping.
Price: $7.00

Caribbean Twilight TimeCaribbean Twilight Time
Blue Lavender - 25" Sev 6" M, Re - Talbott 1998 - Another one of Dave Talbott's lovely intros.
Price: 7.00

Cast A SpellCast A Spell
HM 06 - 22” Sev 2.75” M, Re - Stamile G 2002
Purple with white edge above green throat – – A beautiful miniature! A high bud count, rich color, and reblooms consistently – blooms earlier here – could be a show prospect!
Price: $6.00

Chama Valley*Chama Valley
HM06 - Soft amber reverse bitone with violet patterned eye above yellow throat – 25” Sev 6.5” Re, EE – Hansen D 2001 One of my favorites and also one of the first to bloom. This is a keeper!
Sold Out

Chasing The Dream*Chasing The Dream
Rose with red eye and edge above green throat – 35” Evr 5.25”
Re, E, Fr – Houston 2000
Display Only

Chatham ChoiceChatham Choice
Orchid smoke with yellow green throat and a ruffled edge - 28" Dor 5" M, Re - Joiner E 2004 - It may act dormant in Savannah, but here it acts evergreen - consistent blooms and a nice garden presence.
Price: $12.00

Chili Spice*Chili Spice
Unf – Red cream bitone with cream midrib and edge above yellow green
throat – 22” Sev 6” Re EE – Hansen D 2003
Sold Out 2009

Christine Dixon*Christine Dixon
Unf – Red with thin cream edge above green throat – 25” evr 8” Re
EE – Hansen D 2002 Increases well and reliable – a beautiful display
Sold Out 2009

Christmas Wishes*Christmas Wishes
HM 07 - Red self with green throat – 24” Evr 4” Re, M – Salter EH 1998
This red is well named and is accentuated by its deep green foliage
Display Only

Cindy’s Tie Dye*Cindy’s Tie Dye
Unf – Cream with purple lavender eye and edge above very green
throat – 28” Sev 6.75” Re, Fr, E – Scott E 2004 – Stunning color!
Price: $40.00

City of New Orleans*City of New Orleans
Tangerine orange self - 34" evr 6" E, Re - Smith F 2007 - My picture doesn't do this beautiful flower justice. I haven't grown it in Tampa enough to evaluate it but it's very happy in lower Zone 9.
Price: $100.00

Cliffs of Abique*Cliffs of Abique
Unf – HM 05 - Orchid lavender bitone with light violet halo above green throat 25” Sev 7.75” Re, EE – Hansen D 2000 – Beautiful bitone! This would be a great show prospect - another “keeper”
Sold Out 2009

Cool Coral*Cool Coral
Coral rose bitone with slight gold knobby edge above sunshine
throat – 32” Sev 5” Re, EM – Hansen D 2001 - Reliable bloomer, beautiful coral
Sold Out 2009

Cool Twister*Cool Twister
Unf – Deep purple with dark purple eye above green throat 36” Sev 8.5”
Re, EM – Lambertson 2001 Beautiful Unf – blooms fairly early for me
Price: $12.00

Coral Autumn*Coral Autumn
Coral rose orange with orange gold halo above greenish gold throat –
24” Evr 5” Re, M, Fr – Kirchhoff D 1994 - Another reliable performer for me
Sold Out/b>

Coral Cay*Coral Cay
Coral rose blend with green throat – 26” Evr 5.5” Re, M – Salter 1995
Sold Out

Countdown to Glory*Countdown To Glory
Pale mauve with amber yellow edge and green throat - 30" Sev 6" M, Re - Joiner J 2003 - The richly colored golden edge detail really sets this flower apart. It has done fairly well in Tampa but is more comfortable a bit farther north.
Price: $16.00

Counted Shadows*Counted Shadows
Pineapple yellow with shaded eye pattern of lavender and mulberry
rings outlined in red violet above green throat 30” Evr 5.5” Re, EE – Morss 2000 The eye pattern is indeed intricate as described. The plant is reliable and strong even during our harsh summers – another keeper!
Price: $18.00

Country Fun*Country Fun
Tiger lily orange with bright eye above green throat – 36” Evr 4” Re, M – Joiner 2001 – The brilliant and contrasting colors almost at waist level are eye catching – a joy to behold.
Display Only

Create Your Dream*Create Your Dream
Lavender with multicolored eyezone and green throat –
22” Evr 4.75” M – Grace 1997 HM01 Intricate light and dark lavender pattern
Display Only

Crow's Feet*Crow's Feet
Melon gold blend above green throat – 26” Sev 6” Re, E – Hansen D
2003 – The sculpting is strong and with ruffling makes a beautiful bloom and exhibits great increase.
Price: $25.00

Crimson Flood*Crimson Flood
Bold velvery red with green throat - 24" Evr, M, Re, 6.5" -
Bell 2002 - Great increase - high bud count

Cyber Zone*Cyber Zone
Lavender pink with violet patterned eye and green throat –
26” Sev 5.25” Re, EE – Hansen D 2004 – Expect a very early bloom.
Display Only

Cynthia Jane Scott*Cynthia Jane Scott
Cream with dark mauve purple eye and double edge of dark mauve purple/gold - 30" Evr 7.25" E, Fra, Re - Scott E 2005 - Color is true to the picture. This does well in Tampa.
Price: $30.00


Delightful David+*Delightful David
Rose with darker band above yellow green throat –
26” Evr 5.5” Re, EM – Hansen 2003 - True color is more red than shown (it wasn’t a good day for digital camera shots) – strong and reliable bloom with good increase
Sold Out 2009

HM 00 23” Evr 8” Re, ML – Stamile 1997
Pink blend with green throat.
Price: $10.00

Desert Moon*Desert Moon
Lavender with black plum eye – 28” Evr, EM, Re, 4.5” –
Trimmer 2004. Rich lavender and plum – an eye catcher.
Price: $20.00

Rose pink blend with light rose pink halo above chartreuse throat –
46” Evr 7” ML – Agosta 2004 – Yes, this one’s right up there begging for you to look its way – a soft pink with delicate ruffles
Price $15.00

Divine Comedy*Divine Comedy
HM 02 - 31” Sev 6” Re, M, Fr – Moldovan 1996
Rosy purple with yellow watermark and yellow to green throat
Good bud count and substance, color is true to picture – an oldie and a goodie and it likes Tampa, too
Price: $8.00

Don My FriendDon My Friend
30" Evr 6" E, Re - Johnson W 2004 - creamy lavaender pink with rose eye and green throat.
Price: $20.00

Dr. Julius Charba*Dr. Julius Charba
Lavender with blue eye - 24" Evr 5.5" E. Fra, Re - Carpenter J 2004 - The color pictured is very close to the flower. I haven't had this long enough to say that it does well in Tampa yet - I sure hope it does.
Price: $40.00

Dragon Flight*Dragon Flight
Unf – Linen yellow with blue violet eye above green throat –
29” Evr 7” Re, EM – Hansen D 2003
Price: $14.00

Dream Academy*Dream Academy
Plum raisin above yellow green throat – bitone – 30”
Sev, E, Re, 6”- Kirchhoff, D 2000. Happy in Tampa
and at the lake – moderate increase.
Price: $12.00

Dreaming Dreams*Dreaming Dreams
cream to lavender with heavy gold edge and yellow watermark -
28" Evr 6.5" Evr, Fra, Re, Noc, Ext - Houston 2002 -
Price: $12.00

Drop Cloth*Drop Cloth
Ivory blend with maroon stippling and green throat – 28” Evr 5.5” M -
Salter 1995 – Truly unique and it does remind one of a drop cloth
Price: $8.00

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