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About Daylilies in Central Florida
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Quite often I meet local gardeners from central and south Florida who have been dissatisfied with daylilies they have tried unsuccessfully to grow in our area. Some are plants they have purchased from national catalogs or their local “big box” store. In many cases they lost plants they brought with them in their move to Florida from farther north. When I moved here 30+ years ago I also experienced the loss of some daylilies that I brought from south Louisiana. As my daylily involvement increased I learned that each cultivar is an “individual” and has more or less specific requirements for “zone” happiness. I’m continually trying to expand my collection to include a variety of flowers hybridized north of the state line that are also happy here.

The Tampa location is my “hot spot” and is located in upper Zone 10. Lake Panasoffkee is just 1 hour north but in lower Zone 9 and the two locations well illustrate comparative growth and survival in the 2 zones. There are a few dormant daylilies that are happy here and some that do well at the lake garden but not in Tampa. I usually include a commentary within my description for those cultivars that are happy in the Tampa Climate.

A Few Words about Daylily Health and Our Gardens

All daylilies sold are guaranteed to be healthy and true to name. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so if any plants you receive do not meet this quality standard, immediately notify us and they may be returned with label for refund.

Daylilies are resistant to the vast majority of plant diseases but daylily rust continues to be present in the US after its initial introduction in 2000. It doesn’t kill the plant unless it is otherwise in poor health but it is easily spread by the wind and does occur in all states. We are state inspected and licensed and follow an active spray program using a combination of systemic and topical fungicides every 7 – 20 days. The problem is under control in our gardens but we cannot guarantee that daylilies from our garden will remain free of rust after purchase. If you need any more information, I would be glad to share knowledge of my spray program with any of you who may be interested.

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